A funeral service is unlike any other event. It is a personal retrospective distilled into a singular tribute, a culminating event, capturing the passions and triumphs of a unique individual. At the Enea Family Funeral Homes, we’ve been celebrating lives with extraordinary tributes for over one hundred years. Our funeral directors combine the attributes of integrity and trust with a knowledge of the importance of a personalized departure. 

It’s how remarkable people prefer to be remembered.

The Enea, Ciaccia, Applegate and Day Funeral Directors have been serving the families of the Mohawk Valley for over a century. Our belief is not only that we are guiding and supporting our community, but that we ARE the community. The families we provide strength and comfort for are the same families that we were raised with...that our children are being raised with. Therefore, it is our passion to be sure that everyone who enters through our doors is treated as family...  

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